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Governance of Tomorrow (GOT) Project

As the name suggests, the Governance of Tomorrow (GOT) project is not about fixing something that is broken, but rather ensuring that our structure is ready to meet the needs of new and mid-career members and an association and profession in transformation. The goal of the project is working to answer, “How do we need to design our governance (governing structure, decision making, leadership development and processes used to accomplish the strategic plan) so that we can best support all of our members?”

To build on work completed during the 2015 House of Delegates (HOD) Governance Exercise, the Board of Trustees (BOT) and Executive Committee (EC) has been joined by, Tecker International to facilitate this multi-step project intended to last through 2016. In total, 23 professionals have participated in this project workgroup, intentionally representing a diverse array of dental hygiene professionals including students, new professionals and more experienced professionals; clinical, public health, educators, corporate and others with entrepreneurial careers; and BOT officers and current and past state leaders and delegates.

To help guide the efforts of the GOT project, President Rethman appointed a steering committee, including Elijah Desmond, Alejandra Diaz-Escudero, Tammy Filipiak, Betty Kabel, Donnella Miller, Jill Rethman, and Kara Vavrosky.

Read more about the need for change, the project plan and draft models as of May 31, 2016.

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Another goal of this project is to engage ADHA leaders and members into this process. HOD feedback is being collected on June 13 and a series of town hall webinars will be held this fall for members. In the meantime, if you have any feedback for the workgroup to consider, please fill out a virtual comment box.